Dhamaka(2021) Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Release

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Dhamaka(2021) Movie Review:


Dhamaka is a highly awaited 2021 Indian action political thriller movie. It will be released on 19 November. Dhamaka star cast consists of stars like Kartik Aryan, Mrunal Thakur, and Amruta Subhash In prominent roles. This movie Dhamaka will be directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Ram Madhvani Films, along with RSVP Movies.

This movie is an official remake of the 2013 Korean Movie “The Terror Live“.

Dhamaka movie belongs to the leagues of “Knockout (2010)” and “Aamir (2008)“.

Dhamaka has finally got a theatre release on 19 November 2021. It can be watched on the OTT platform Netflix if you own its subscription.

Kartik Aaryan As Journalist Arjun Pathak In Dhamaka MovieKartik Aaryan As Journalist Arjun Pathak In Dhamaka Movie

Dhamaka Age Rating: U/A 13+(Anyone above the age of 13 can watch the movie).

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Check out all things about Dhamaka below


Main Cast:

Kartik Aaryan Arjun Pathak, Journalist
Mrunal Thakur Saumya Mehra Pathak, Editor of Bharosa 24/7 channel
Amruta Subhash Anita, wife of Arjun Pathak and a on field reporter
Vikas Kumar
Vishwajeet Pradhan Politician

Dhamaka(2021) Movie Review


Dhamaka Trailer was released on 19 October 2021.

Best things from the Trailer:

  • The plot of the movie looks like an exciting premise.
  • At last, a different kinda character was chosen by Kartik Aaryan.
  • The color of the movie looks beautiful.
  • The good news is that movie is releasing on 19 November and there is not much of a wait after so many delays.
  • Side actors of the movie are good actors.

The worst thing(s) about the trailer:

  • The movie lacks good production quality.
  • Kartik Aryan’s voice doesn’t suit his character.
  • VFX of the movie doesn’t give much confidence.


The plot of Dhamaka is around a journalist Arjun Mathur who receives a surprising phone call that alters his destiny and that of everyone who is even remotely correlated with him including his divorced wife and news reporter. After a terror attack on the sea link in Mumbai, Arjun Mathur conducts an exclusive interview with the terrorist -but it doesn’t go as planned; live on air, the terrorist terrifies to blow up the bridge Arjun’s wife is reporting from. Arjun faces a moral dilemma to choose between career and personal life.

Look of various actors cast in the movie:

Look Of Various Actors Cast In The Dhamaka MovieLook Of Various Actors Cast In The Dhamaka Movie

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We will update the correct plotline on 19 November along with the review.

Release Date & Where to Watch

The movie was initially going to release in January but then the second wave hit all the parts of India and we saw the postponement of plans from the movie makers.

Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Dhamaka’ was sold to Netflix for a whopping Rs 85 crore as per a few media reports.

Now it is finally released on 19 November 2021.

You can stream the movie on Netflix. Netflix subscription charges are ₹800 for one month (4 users) and the cheapest one is ₹200 per month for a single device.


Reasons to watch this movie:

1) If you are a fan of Kartik Aryan or his hater who think he doesn’t have range,should watch this movie.

2) Some good thought provoking scenes.

3) Tight narration.

Reasons to avoid this movie:

1) Too many loopholes in the story.

2) Chemistry of Kartik and Mrunal doesn’t workout.

3) Movie is not able to hold audience attention till the end.

Whether to watch it or not: You can skip it.

Rating :5/10 (Offers nothing new,Average flick)

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